Sunday, June 28, 2020

A Stone's Tale

The clang of metal on stone disturbed the pebble. A steady, shrill noise piercing the earth and interrupting the pebble's ordinary and dull life. The sound drew closer, unbearably loud, before the pebble was blinded by daylight. Shards of stone were gathered up in sacks, and the pebble, still snug in a chunk of motherly rock, was whisked away from the cool earth.

In short order, those stones were put to use; strong hands chiseled and fitted them together with tremendous precision. The pebble, set on the inside of a structure, saw little of the construction, but was glad to once again be surrounded by hard rock, sheltered from the wind, rain and sun.

The day followed certain rhythms; the stones grew hot at the same time as innumerable feet stepped above, crossing back and forth, then fell quiet as the stones cooled again. The rhythm repeated itself day after day without rest, intensifying and diminishing with the seasons.

One night the pebble was wrenched from the ground once more, this time by rougher hands. The motherly chunk of stone was chiseled down to size, joined to other stones by mortar, and planted in soft earth. It was allowed a clear view of the road that neatly severed the dry plain, set off to the side where it would not be tread on.

The cycle of day and night, season on season continued its inexorable march, as the road sped passing travelers and armies on their way. The milestone was rubbed endlessly for luck, and with the wind and odd rains grew a hair shorter each year. 

In time the road was less trafficked, and one day abandoned entirely. Predictably and tediously, the milestone crumbled, and the pebble was left alone, baking on the roadside.

Then, for the first time in many years, the road was traveled again. A host came down the old road, and a careless boot tossed the pebble aside and into a ditch, where it rested until it slipped into the sleeping earth. The pebble knew (as it always had) that the woman who wore the boot was destined for greatness, and considered itself blessed. 

Joesky Tax: The Olive Gem

A thumbnail-sized emerald, set in a silver belt clasp. From a frontal angle, a flaw within the jewel appears like a laurel wreath. If planted in depleted soil, renders the land within a thousand paces lush and dark. In its place will grow a succulent olive tree. 3000gp.

Ancient Gold Emerald Green Pegasus Intaglio Roman Ring | #28808897

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