Friday, June 14, 2024

The House of Pestilence (oh, and No Artpunk III) is Released!

Over a year from its original announcement, the No Artpunk III contest has finally borne fruit. The NAP III anthology is now available on at a PYWY price, suggested at $7. All proceeds go to the Dutch Het Aidsfonds charity. 

In addition to a rather star-studded list of contestants, including the first part of Gabor Csomos' upcoming Xantal of Dreams, Coldlight Press' Ben Gibson with the ambitious mass-combat dungeon Descent into the Cairn of Night, the redemption of ShocktoHP (the guy who did Wavestone Keep) in The Taking of Icewyrm Hold, Jonathan *sigh* Becker's revamp of Dragonlance in Dragon Wrack (created in just one month!), and the grand champion, the elusive C. Dantes and his #1 winner, The Ivory Islet (which I am currently reading, it is AMAZING!), you can also find, in pages 397-434, my own #2 submission. 

Available now for... free, if you want it. Designed to slot right into an AD&D 1e underworld campaign, an ad-hoc sequel to D3 fully detailing a rogue drow fortress and its environs, with a party of stout pregens, new magic items, and a couple of new monsters. No muss, no fuss, no art budget and no formatting magic, just badly hand-drawn maps and a word processor. Dear god, it's like actually being at my table!

Plus, you know, a baker's dozen other really good high-level adventures for various old-school systems and retroclones. At least one of which is much better than mine. They're also there. 

Variant cover by squeen

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